Monday, May 9, 2011

2NE1's Come Back "Lonely" Teaser and Park Bom "Don't Cry" Live!

YG Entertainment has released a teaser for 2NE1's come back "Lonely". The teaser is only 11 seconds long so there's not a lot i can say about the song right now, just that it sounds different from what we're used to listening from 2NE1's previous songs. This song sounds kinda countrish and we can hear CL actually singing instead of rapping which is already a win for me so i'm very excited about this come back! i believe i'm gonna like this song a lot. i can't wait to listen to Bom's awesome singing for this new song, her voice is perfect for this kind of songs ♥

Since i'm already talking about 2NE1 i wanna talk about Bom's new song "Don't Cry"
on April 29th was broadcast ”YG ON AIR” where Bom sang her new song "Don't Cry" for the first time! and to add awesomeness to this Bom sang an acoustic version of the song. it was like Eargasm for my ears i really love Bom's voice and i love this song so much too ♥
in the video Bom also sang her first solo song "you&i" and they also talked about 2NE1's come back. it was nice watching the girls again i feel like it's been forever since i last saw them, i can't wait for their comeback!

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