Tuesday, April 19, 2011

YUI new single 『HELLO~Paradise Kiss~』covers

Limited Edition

Regular version

I totally love these covers!!!! the concept is similar to "It's my life" but this is way too cute. There's been a controversy about the covers because people are not used to this side of YUI. This single, as we all know already, is to promote a very popular manga that has come to life as a movie. "Paradise Kiss" which is a fashion and very girly manga. This kind of style suits the concept of the manga really well. YUI looks extremely adorable and cute. I love the fringe, I mean we've never seem her with a fringe before. The song is more than awesome and I really love it.

A very cute pop song, reminds me of the "CHERRY" era. I'm so amazed by this single, it's really a surprise to see her with this style but I kinda already was wondering how the concept was going to be. this is not what I exactly had in mind but I knew it had to be something cute because of the type of movie it is. This single is a total win for me. Please everyone support YUI on this one, she's very exited to be doing something different.

Everyone support YUI by buying this single.

Enjoy before it's taken down


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